Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pre-Gran Fondo NYC

This one will be short.  I registered for the Gran Fondo NYC (a 100 mile cycling ride/race) many months ago "hoping" my elbow would be fine for tomorrow's event.  (My next post will provide details about the Gran Fondo, but if you can't wait, click here.)  I've gotten the thumbs up from Dr., physical therapist and my online coach to proceed, so away we go tomorrow morning at 7am.  It will be good to see how the elbow feels on a 100 mile ride.  Hopefully not much pain or soreness.  Unfortunately, my buddy Andrew who I planned on riding with is out for the count having come done with a confirmed case of Strep Throat.  (Hope I didn't catch it from him in the last several days.)  I feel horrible for him as he's put in loads of training for this event.  I was looking forward to riding this with a friend, but, alas, I'll have to ride it for both of us.  Send positive energy.  Be back in 24 hours......

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